About Tracking Compliance

If you are tracking compliance for subcontracts, assign a compliance group when entering a subcontract.

This allows you to initialize a group of compliance codes to the subcontract in SL Compliance. If a default subcontract compliance group has been defined for the job (in JC Jobs), that compliance group automatically defaults for each subcontract entered for the project. Otherwise, assign compliance groups to subcontracts manually. If you are not using compliance groups, you can assign compliance codes manually in SL Compliance.

Once you post the batch, the system automatically adds the compliance codes associated with the compliance group to the subcontract in SL Compliance, in addition to any compliance codes assigned to the vendor. You can change the compliance group by adding the subcontract back to a batch. When you change the compliance group, the system retains all of the compliance codes from the original compliance group. Use SL Compliance to remove those original codes from the subcontract, if necessary.

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