Delete a subcontract or subcontract item

A subcontract can be deleted in SL Subcontract Entry if there are no transactions posted to it from AP.

If transactions have already been posted to AP, you need to close the subcontract using SL Close , and then use SL Purge to remove the subcontract from the application.

Note: Using the Delete icon in the toolbar only deletes the subcontract items and header from the current batch, not from the SL files.

Follow the steps below to either delete a subcontract, or a subcontract item.

  1. Open an existing SL Subcontract Entry batch, or create a new one.
  2. Select File > Add Subcontract. This will open the SL Add Transaction to Batch form.
  3. Select the subcontract that you would like to delete and then click the Add to Batch button.
  4. Use the Action field in the upper or lower portion of the form to delete either the entire subcontract, or just an item on the subcontract.
    • Delete a subcontract - Change the selection in the Action field to D-Delete in the upper portion of the form.
    • Delete a subcontract item - Change the selection in the Action field to D-Delete in the lower portion of the form.
  5. Select File > Process Batch and then post the batch. The subcontract and its items are deleted from all SL files.