SL Subcontract Claims Form

Use this form to enter, track, and certify subcontractor claims.

Claim amounts are entered on subcontract items and then sent to the AP module (AP Transaction Entry or AP Unapproved Invoice Entry).

The The JCCo and Job fields allow you to filter the subcontract claims displayed to only those applicable to the specified company and job. The system automatically defaults the active JCCo and Job (based on settings defined via the Main Menu), but you may override the defaults as needed. If you clear one or both of the fields, job filtering is disabled and a ** JOB FILTERING DISABLED ** message displays to the right of the Job field.

Once you enter or select a subcontract and claim number, the informational section (accessed by clicking the down arrow below the claim number) shows information about the subcontract and claim, including original and current contract amounts, retainage withheld, previous claimed amounts, approved retention, and claim amounts.

If the subcontract is out of compliance (indicated by the red "Out of Compliance" message displayed to the right of the Subcontract number), you can review the assigned compliance codes and update their status as needed by clicking the SL Compliance button (which opens the SL Compliance Detail form). For more information, see About the SL Compliance Form.

The Invoice Details and Payment Details sections of the form show display-only information about the subcontract claim invoice and invoice/retainage payments (respectively).

The Show Units, Show Totals, Show Retainage, and Show Tax buttons allow you display/hide specific fields on the Items tab. Once you click a "show" button, additional fields display on the Items tab related to the button you clicked (for example, Show Units will display additional "units" fields). It addition, the "show" button changes to a "hide" button, so that you can hide the additional fields if needed.


Use the Items tab to enter the claim amounts on the subcontract items. When a new claim is created, the system automatically populates all of the existing subcontract items on this tab.

If an item is added to the subcontract after the claim is created, click the Update Items button to add the new subcontract item to the claim. This only applies if the claim has not been sent to the AP module.

The fields on the Items tab are locked if either of the following is true:

  • The claim has already been sent to the AP module (AP Transaction Entry or AP Unapproved Invoice Entry). If you need to change a claim that has been sent to the AP module, you need to delete the generated invoice in the AP module. This will enable the fields on the Items tab on the SL Subcontract Claims form.

  • The Certified option in the Claim Status field on the Info tab of the SL Subcontract Claims form has been selected.

Unapproved Change Orders

Use this tab to manually add an unapproved item to the claim, for example a subcontract change order(SCO) that was created in the PM module and have not been interfaced with the SL module.

You can enter a claim amount but not an approved amount, which means any amounts entered on this tab will not generate invoice items when the claim is sent to the AP module.