Certified Amount / Approve Amount

The Certified Amount / Approve Amount field on the SL Subcontract Claims form, Items tab.

The title of this field is Certified Amount for Australian companies and Approve Amount for U.S. and Canadian companies.

Use this field to enter the certified / approved amount. When this claim is sent to AP, this is the invoice item amount. By default this field will populate with a calculated amount based on the Claim Amount field.

You cannot invoice a claim if there is a 0 in this field - for example when you select File > Update to AP Transaction Entry, a claim will not display in the selection form if the approved amount is 0.

Note: If the approve amount does not equal the claim amount, you must enter an explanation in the Notes field on the Items tab.

This field is disabled once the claim has been sent to the AP module using the File > Update to AP Transaction Entry, or File > Update to AP Unapproved Invoice Entry.

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