Claim Status

The Claim Status field on the SL Subcontract Claims form, Info tab.

Select the claim status:

  • Pending - This status defaults for all claims when they are first entered. You will only change from this status when the claim is certified or denied.
  • Denied - Select this status if the subcontract claim was denied.
  • Certified - Select this status if the claim has been certified. For claims being sent to AP Transaction Entry, you must select this status prior to running the update to AP Transaction Entry. Otherwise, the claim will not be available for selection in the SL Claim Update to AP Trans form (accessed by selecting FileUpdate to AP Transaction Entry). For claims being sent to AP Unapproved Invoice Entry, you can only select this status once you have approved the claim via the AP unapproved invoice process.
Note: This option is disabled if the Claim Approval Required check box on the SL Subcontract Entry Detail form was selected when the subcontract was created. It is enabled once the claim is approved in the AP module.