Types of Subcontract Items

There are four types of items that can be set up for subcontracts in SL Subcontract Entry.

1. Regular

These subcontract items are the original line items of the subcontract. There must be an item for each phase of work that is affected. These subcontract items affect both original and current totals in subcontract ledger, as well as committed costs in Job Cost.

2. Change  Order Items

This item type is used when a change order is to be recorded, invoiced, and otherwise tracked as a separate item from the original item(s). These affect a subcontracts current totals in SL and the jobs committed costs in JC.

Note: Regular and change order items can also be set up in PM and interfaced to SL.

3. Backcharges

This item type is used to record items that are to be charged back to the subcontractor but are not part of the subcontract. They will not affect either the original or current totals. They only affect net invoiced totals in SL.

4. Add-ons

These items are similar to regular items but are tracked separately. They are typically used to track items such as bonds, dues, and others that are to be deducted from the subcontract. These items affect original, current, and invoiced costs in SL, as well as committed costs in Job Cost.