Purge Subcontract Records

Subcontracts must be purged in SL Purge before you can purge associated records.

Consider the following as you proceed:
  • If you want to purge AP invoices or paid transactions related to subcontracts, you must first purge subcontracts

  • The purge process deletes any claims associated with purged subcontracts

  • The purge process does not update PM Subcontract Detail or the item detail in the PM Material Detail form

  • The system compares the date(s) you enter to the values in the Invoice Date and Due Date fields in the SL Worksheet form when determining whether to delete associated SL Worksheet records

  • If you want to purge records in the JC module related to subcontract records, you can purge them either before or after you purge related JC records

To purge subcontract records:
  1. Open the SL Purge form.
  2. In the Purge all subcontracts closed through month field, enter the month through which all subcontracts will be purged. The month selected in this field must be closed.
  3. Tab from the field.
    All subcontracts that can be purged are listed in the Available Subcontract section.
  4. Use the Add All, Add, Remove, and Remove All buttons to add and remove subcontracts to the Subcontracts to Purge section.
  5. Click the Purge to purge all items listed in the Subcontracts to Purge section.