About the SL Company Parameters Form

Use this form to set up the Subcontract Ledger companies for processing.

The setup options in this form must be defined before processing begins in Subcontract Ledger. It is suggested that this form be restricted so only the System Administrator has access to it.

Although multi-company processing is allowed between SL and Job Cost (JC), it is not allowed between SL and Accounts Payable (AP); therefore, each SL company must have a corresponding AP company with the same company number.

  • Setting Audit Options - The audit options determine when new entries are created in the HQ Master Audit (HQMA) table. Click here for more information.

  • Track changes to this form - The HQ Master Audit (HQMA) table contains a list of changes to records in the application. For example, if you change a setting on a company parameters form, a new entry is created in the HQMA table so that there is a record of the change. See About Viewing the Master Audit Log for more information about viewing information in the HQMA table.