Enforce Catch Up

The selection in this box only applies to the claims process.

Check this box if you want the system to calculate the approved retention defaults on claims using an alternative method when creating claims in the SL Subcontract Claims form.

When this box is checked, the system will calculate retention based on the average retention rate on all of the subcontract items on the claim. The system will then apply this average rate to the total current claim amount to determine the retention amount, which it will then assign to each subcontract item included on the claim.

This can have an affect on the following:

  • The default approved retention calculated on the entire claim (SL Subcontract Claims> Info tab> Approved Retention field)

  • The default approved retention assigned to each subcontract item included on the claim (SL Subcontract Claims> Items tab> Approved Retention field)

The calculated retention percentage is an average, not a weighted average.

Click here for an overview on the claims process. For more information on claim retention calculations, see About Claim Retention Calculations.