About the SL Compliance Form

Use this form to review or assign compliance codes to subcontractors and/or suppliers. You can also use this form to update the compliance status of a subcontractor.

You might track compliance on items such as:

  • Subcontractor compliance (for example, the receipt of certified payroll reports and Certificate of Insurance forms, or the date you last received a signed Waiver of Lien).
  • Compliance of the subcontractor’s suppliers (for example, whether a supplier has signed a Waiver of Lien).
  • Information about important documents (for example, receipt of a Notice of Right to Lien from a supplier, the mailing date for a deficiency letter, or the date and amount of a lien).
Note: Compliance tracking in SL directly affects the AP module. For more information on how compliance tracking in AP and SL works, see Compliance Tracking.

To initialize multiple compliance codes to a subcontract, assign a compliance group to the subcontract in SL Subcontract Entry. When you view the subcontract on this form, the system will display all related codes.

Note: If you did not initially assign a compliance group to the subcontract, you can add the subcontract back to the current batch in SL Subcontract Entry (File > Add Subcontract), assign a compliance group, and post the batch. Using this method, the system adds any compliance codes set up for the compliance group to the subcontract, if they do not already exist in the grid.

Once you post the subcontract, you cannot change assigned compliance groups; however, you delete subcontract compliance codes individually using this form.

For more information on adding compliance codes to a subcontract, see Adding Compliance Codes to Subcontracts.

For more information on tracking compliance with this form, see Tracking Subcontractor Compliance.

You can add attachments to individual compliance codes; however, you cannot add attachments at the header level of this form.

Compliance Tracking

Adding Compliance Codes to Subcontracts

Tracking Subcontract Compliance

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