About the SL Worksheet Form

Use this form to prepare and generate AP invoices for subcontracts.

In the upper part of the items section, the form displays details about each subcontract item, including the item type and phase, and the contract and invoice values. The information in this area is display only; to make changes to these values, you will need to use the item-level Grid and Info tabs. On these tabs, you can enter/edit invoice amounts for work completed and stored materials.

The Billing tab displays current billing information, which provides an overview of where the initialized invoice values came from. When stored materials exist in JB for the current item, a pushpin icon displays on the tab label.

The Retainage tab displays retainage values for the currently selected item. This display only information includes the retainage held in AP, the retainage you entered for the current invoice, and the retainage to date.

On both the subcontract and item levels of the form, you can enter notes on the Notes tabs. Subcontract-level notes update to the header level of AP Transaction Entry or AP Unapproved Invoice Entry, while the item-level notes update to corresponding AP invoice lines. Once you post the AP batch, notes can be viewed with other updated subcontract information. Additionally, you can have subcontract or item notes print on selected SL reports (e.g., SL Subcontract Billing Report, SL Subcontract Billing Report with Addon, etc.).

Note: If you make changes to the subcontract or its items elsewhere, the system does not update the worksheet. To update values, delete the subcontract from the worksheet and reinitialize it.

If you add user-defined fields to the header or detail section of this form (with the UD module), these fields will update identical custom fields that reside on AP Transaction Entry and AP Unapproved Invoice Entry. See User Database for more information on the UD module.

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