Add a subcontract to a worksheet

Use the SL Add to Worksheet form to add a single subcontract to an existing SL Worksheet.

  1. Open the SL Worksheet form and complete the JC Co# and Job fields.
  2. Select File > Add Subcontract to Current Worksheet. The SL Add to Worksheet form displays.
  3. Enter the subcontract number in the Subcontract field or press F4 to select it from a list. Only subcontracts associated with the job entered on the SL Worksheet form will display.
  4. Check the Use Job Billing to initialize invoice amounts box if you want to initialize invoice amounts for the subcontractor based on the quantities and/or percent complete entered in Job Billing. This enables the Bill Month field, which is used to specify the bill month that invoice amounts should be initialized from.
  5. Enter an invoice date in the Invoice Date field, or accept the current date default. This date will become the AP transaction invoice date, and will be used in various AP reports.
  6. Enter any other AP defaults as necessary in the remaining fields.
    • Due Date - Specify the date that the invoice(s) generated for this subcontract will be due for payment. If this field is left blank, the due date calculates based on the vendor’s payment terms. This field may be overridden.
    • Pay Code - Enter a payment control code for this subcontract. Assigning a code here allows you to easily pay the subcontractors when you get paid by the owner. When payments are entered in AP Payment Posting, you can enter a payment control code and all invoices that have the same payment control code will populate in the payment work file.
    • AP Reference - Enter a reference number that will easily identify this payment transaction, up to 10 characters. This can be any number, but is typically the invoice number. Also, consider using a combination of numbers, such as combining the job number and the payment control number. For example, if the job number is (1150- - ) and the pay control number is (15), the AP reference number might be (1150-15). This field may be overridden.
    • Description - Enter a description of the transaction. This description is updated to AP as the invoice transaction description.
    • CM Accounts - Enter the CM account for paying invoices generated by this worksheet or press F4 to select the account from a list. CM accounts are created and maintained using the CM Accounts form.
  7. Click Update. The system closes the SL Add Worksheet form and returns focus to SL Worksheet displaying the subcontract information.
    Note: If you applied maximum retention settings to the subcontract, and you have previously met the maximum retention amount, or this subcontract causes you to meet the maximum amount, the system displays a warning once you click Update. Click Yes to have the system automatically calculate and distribute the maximum retention amounts. Click No to bypass an automatic distribution of the maximum retention amounts. See About Subcontract Maximum Retention Amounts for more information.

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