Clear the SL Worksheet

Follow the steps below to purge the details from the worksheet file. Be sure to run this form after updating to AP.

Note: You can also follow these to clear subcontracts from the work file when they do not need to be updated to AP. The form can also be used to reinitialize subcontracts for any reason. The process clears the work file without any update or effect on the status of the subcontracts.
  1. After updating AP, select File > Clear Worksheet from the SL Worksheet form to open the SL Worksheet Clear form.
  2. Use the fields in the form to select the detail that should be purged.
  3. Click the Update button. The process clears the worksheet file of all subcontracts that were not updated to AP, either because they were not flagged for update, were “in use” by some other SL or AP batch, pointed to a JC GL Co# in which the month was “closed", were initialized/added by another user login, or because there were no current invoice amounts.