About the HR Resources Form

Use the HR Resources form to set up and maintain all resource (employee / applicant) information such as the name, address, birth date, marital status, education information, and so forth.

You can set up resources manually or by initializing them from the Payroll module (via HR Initialize PR Employees). For more information about initializing employees from Payroll, see Initializing Employees to HR From PR .

If you elect to manually set up resources, there are only a few of the several tabs on this form that are needed to set up resources. These tabs are as follows:

  • Info – This tab is used to enter static information about the resource such as the name, address, and phone number, marital status, race, birth date, and gender information.

  • Payroll Info – This tab is used to enter payroll-related information, such as the PR company, SSN#, position, hire date, payroll group, department, craft and class, and tax, insurance, unemployment states, and Affordable Care Act (ACA) tracking and classification. You can also add new employees to PR using the Add to PR button. For more information, see ‘Add a Resource to PR’ in Related Articles below.

  • Other Info – This tab is used to enter other types of information such as the veteran status, education, driving information (e.g. license #, state, expiration date, etc.), and I9 status (immigration), if applicable. The Endorsements button (Driving Info section) allows you to access the HR Resource License Endorsements form to enter driving certificate, restriction, or endorsement information for the resource/state. You must save the record after entering state and country information in the Driving Info section before clicking the Endorsements button.

  • ACA History – This tab is used to capture and track the history of an employee's ACA health-coverage offers, as well as their acceptance history, for easier reporting on IRS Form 1095-C - Part II - Employee Offer and Coverage. For more information, see Initializing Monthly Coverage Offer Dates.

The system also updates this grid based on entries made for a resource in HR Resource Benefit. If you add a benefit for which you have selected a Series 2 Code and selected the Active check box, the system automatically creates an corresponding acceptance/declination record on this tab.

  • Application – This tab is used to enter information about the resource’s application. This includes the application date and date applicant is available to begin work, contact phone numbers, expected salary, referral source, current and previous employer, and length of time on the current and previous jobs.

  • Physical Results – This tab is used to enter information about a resource’s physical results, if applicable. Includes the date of the last physical, the expiration date, and any results.

  • Filing Status – This tab is used to enter withholding information for the resource. The information entered will differ based on the Default Country specified in HQ Company Setup for this HR company. Information includes, but is not limited to, applicable deductions, filing status, regular and additional exemptions, and miscellaneous amount overrides (if applicable). Once you have set up the information on this grid, you can select the W-4 Completed (United States), TD1 Completed (Canada), or PAYG Completed (Australia) checkbox on the Payroll Info tab to indicate the applicable withholding information has been entered.

    For information about setting up filing status information for 2020 Federal W-4s, see Set up an Employee's Filing Status for Federal W-4s (U.S.).

The remaining tabs allow for tracking additional information about the resource, such as dependents, benefits, skills, training/education, reviews, and so forth. You can enter, modify, or delete information directly in the grid of a tab or via the related form (accessed by double-clicking in a grid line or by selecting the Open Related Record in Form option on the Records menu). The only exception is the Accident Tracking tab, which only allows you to add or modify a detail record for an existing accident; it does not allow you to add a new accident record. In addition, you can only access the related form (HR Accidents) by pressing F5 from the Accident column.

Click on the links below for more information about the tabs available on this form.

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Employment History


Salary History

Accident Tracking