Cross Updating Multiple HR Companies

If changes are made for an employee in PR, and the employee resides in multiple HR companies pointing to that PR company, updates will be made to each applicable HR company (based on the 'PR Update Options' specified for each of the associated HR companies).

The HR-to-PR update is a 1-to-1 relationship, therefore, changes made for an employee in HR will update the associated PR company only. No updates will be made for that employee in any other HR company in which the employee resides.

For example, you use separate HR companies for applicants and employees. You set up applicants in one HR company, update them to PR when hired, and then update them from PR to the HR company used for employees. When you change an employee's information in the PR company, it will update both the HR companies; however, if you make the change in one of the HR companies, only the PR company will be updated.

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