Initializing Employees to HR From PR

If you are using the Human Resource module (HR), you can initialize employees set up in PR Employees into HR Resources using HR Initialize PR Employees.

You can initialize all eligible employees or a specific range of employees, and specify to initialize only Active employees or both Active and Inactive employees.

To initialize employees to HR Resources:

  1. Open HR Initialize PR Employees.
  2. In the Update Direction field, select Update PR to HR.
  3. In the PR Co# field, enter the PR company from which to initialize employees or press F4 to select from a list of valid PR companies.
  4. If you want to initialize all PR employees to HR Resources, select the Initialize All check box.

    If you want to initialize a specific range of employees, deselect the Initialize All check box.

  5. If you want to initialize only "active" PR employees, select the Exclude inactive employees check box.

    If you want to initialize both "active" and "inactive" employees, leave the Exclude inactive employees check box unselected.

  6. If you elected to initialize a range of employees ( Initialize All check box is not selected), use the Beginning Employee # and Ending Employee # fields to enter the range of employees to initialize.
  7. Click Update Grid .

    The grid will populate with employees based on selection criteria. The Ready check box will be selected for each employee that is ready for initialization. Those not flagged as "ready" will be skipped during initialization.

    Note: With the exception of the Name, SSN#, and PR Group fields, most of the fields required in PR Employees are not required in HR Resources. Therefore, if the Ready check box is not selected for an employee, it will generally be because an employee already exists in HR that has the same social security number, sort name, and/or first name/last name combination (the Error Message column will indicate the reason). If they are not the same person, you will need to correct the information for the applicable employee and/or resource before you proceed with initializing them to HR.
  8. If you do not want to initialize an employee flagged as Ready, deselect the Ready check box for that employee.
  9. Click Initialize.

    During the initialization process, the system will try to assign the resource number using the same number as the PR Employee. If the system determines that the resource number already exists for another employee, it will assign the next sequential number based on the highest existing resource number. For example, if you initialize Employee #100 to HR and Resource #100 already exists in HR, and the highest existing resource number in HR is 850, the system will assign the 851 as the resource number.

    Once you have initialized employees to HR, the grid is cleared of the initialized employee. You can repeat the process if needed.