Update Employee Information

You can change any information for a resource in HR Resources and have the changes updated automatically to PR Employees.

To implement this:

  1. Define what information you want updated to PR. To do this, select the appropriate PR Update Options in HR Company Parameters. Some options, such as Name and Timecard Defaults, will allow for updating of multiple pieces of information. For example, if you check the Name update option, changes made to the resource’s name (first, middle, last, and suffix), birth date, race, and gender information will be updated to PR Employees.
  2. On the Payroll Info tab of HR Resources, select the Active PR Employee and Exists in PR check boxes for every applicable resource.

    When changes are made to the specified information in HR Resources and the record is saved, it will automatically be updated to PR Employees.

    Note: This also applies to changes made to an employee’s information in PR Employees. Once a change is made and the record saved, it will be updated to HR Resources automatically, based on the PR Update Options in HR Company Parameters.