About the HR Resource Salary History Form

Use this form to set up and maintain salary histories for employees.

Access this form from the main menu or from the Salary History tab in HR Resources (by double-clicking the desired record or clicking anywhere in the line and selecting Records > Open Related Record in Form). Each record is entered by date so you can accurately track all salary and/or position adjustments or changes.

The Info tab is used specify whether the employee is salary or hourly and to enter the new salary or hourly rate. In addition to changes in salary, you can also enter the new position (if applicable) and indicate when the next salary review is due. (Note: If you change a resource’s position code, you are given the option to update the change to HR Resources.)

The Salary Reasons tab is used to identify each of the reasons for an employee’s salary or rate increase. You specify a reason code and the percentage by which the item increases the salary/rate.

Note: You can also use this form to enter historical salary records. To add an historical salary record, enter a date in the Effective Date field older than the current salary Effective Date. The system displays a warning, but you can save the historical salary record. This information does not update to PR and does not affect the current salary.

Salary History

You can quickly view a resource’s salary history in HR Resources, Salary History tab. Additionally, you can track changes to salary information by checking the Salary option in the Employment History Event Options section of HR Company Parameters.