About the HR Resource Training Form

The HR Resource Training form is used to define and track training for resources.

This form may be accessed from the main menu or from the Training/Education tab in HR Resources (by double-clicking the desired record or clicking anywhere in the line and selecting the Open Related Record in Form option from the Records menu).

There are four ways to set up training for a resource:

  • Manual entry in HR Resource Training

  • Manual entry in HR Training Classes

  • Initialization via HR Initialize Training Plan

  • Initialization via HR Training Class Registration

Resources set up for training in this form, whether manually or by initialization, will update the registered resources for a training class in HR Training Class.

When setting up training for a resource, you must first specify the training code and class sequence. The class sequence must already exist for the training code—you cannot set up new class sequences here. (Note: The class sequence input is only enabled when manually entering a new resource/sequence.)

Much of the remaining information in this form (e.g. class description, institution, class start date, hours, CEU credits, training cost, etc.) defaults as designated for the training code/sequence in HR Training Classes. You can change the information if desired; however, with the exception of the status, changes will not be updated to HR Training Classes. Status will only be updated at the resource level in HR Training Classes.

Note: You can quickly view a resource’s training history in HR Resources via the Training/Education tab and the Employment History tab (if you checked the Training option in the Employment History Event Option section of HR Company Parameters).

Initialize Position Training Plan

This option is available from the File menu and allows you to quickly set up a training plan for a resource based on a position code (typically the position to which the resource is assigned in HR Resources). For more information, see HR Initialize Training Plan in Related Topics below.

Note: Entries created via initialization will be assigned a training code and a status of ‘Unscheduled’. Remaining information will be provided once you assign a class sequence to the resource via HR Training Classes or HR Training Class Registration.


This option, available from the File menu, provides access to the HR Resources Skills form which is used to define and track specific skills for resources. For more information, click on the following links.

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