About the HR Training Class Registration Form

This form is accessed by selecting the Register button in HR Training Classes, and is used to initialize (register) resources to a training class.

The Filter By options allow you to enter a set of criteria by which to filter resources for initialization to a training class. Options include PR company, PR group, check print order, crew, position code, JC company, job, and Resource #. You can use as many options as desired for filtering—the more criteria you enter, the more restrictive the filter. Once you enter the criteria, click the Get Resources button. All resources meeting the criteria will be added to the Unassigned selection box (below).

The Resource # option allows you to enter a specific resource for registration. This can be useful when you have a limited number of employees to register and/or you know the resource numbers. Just specify the resource number and click the Get Resource button. This will add the resource to the Unassigned selection box. You can then repeat the process as necessary for any other resources you want to add.

The Required Resources option allows you to add ‘unscheduled’ resources from HR Resource Training. When checked, all resources set up for the specified class in HR Resource Training with a status of ‘Unscheduled’ will be added to the Unassigned selection box.

Once you have finished adding resources to the Unassigned selection box, use the Add or Add All button to move the resources to the Assigned selection box. Then click the Create Registration button to initialize all selected resources to the specified class. The status for each resource, as well as for the class sequence, will be set to ‘Scheduled’ and the information updated for each resource in HR Resource Training.

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