About the HR Training Class Status Form

This form is accessed by clicking the Update button in HR Training Classes and is used to globally update the status of training classes.

Upon access, it will automatically default the Tester (instructor's name) and End Date specified for the selected training code/sequence, and a status of ‘C-Completed’. If you change the status to something other than ‘Completed’, the Date Complete and Tester inputs will be cleared and disabled.

Once you have modified the information as necessary, click the OK button. This will update the status and completion date (if applicable) for each resource registered for the class, update any related skills for each resource in HR Resource Skills, and update the status for the training code/sequence in HR Training Classes. Changes to the Tester will update the Skills Tester designated in HR Resource Skills—it does not update the Instructor designated for the class in HR Training Classes.

HR Training Classes