About the HR Training Classes Form

Use this form to set up and maintain training classes and resource training.

The upper section of this form is used to set up classes; the lower section to assign and maintain the resources that will be attending the class.

Setting up Classes

Classes are set up by training code and sequence, allowing you to have multiple instances of a single class. For example, if you offer Basic Accounting classes once a month, you could set up a training code of 'ACCTG I', and set up each month as a separate sequence. Likewise, classes that are held multiple times a day (e.g. morning and evening) can also be set up as separate sequences.

  • Information about each class is set up on one of three tabs:
    • Info – This tab is used to enter information about the class such as the description, instructor, the beginning/ending dates, and the status of the class (e.g. scheduled, in progress, completed, etc.), as well as the maximum number of attendees allowed per class, the number of hours and CEU credits obtained by taking the class, the cost of the class, and whether the employee will be reimbursed for the expense. Options are provided to indicate whether the cost of the class is subject to 1099 reporting and if so, the applicable vendor, as well as whether the class is OSHA, MSHA, First Aid, CPR, and/or Work related.

    • Location – This tab is used to enter location information about the class, including the name of the institution, the address, phone number, email address, room number (room, suite, etc.), and who to contact in regards to the class.

    • Skills – This tab is used to specify the skills that can be acquired by taking the class. For example, in a First Aid class, students might acquire skills in CPR, treating soft tissue injuries, shock, bleeding, the Heimlich maneuver, and so forth. You would set up skill codes (in HR Codes) to represent these skills and then list them here. Skills set up here will be updated for each resource (in HR Resource Skills) when the class is completed and updated via HR Training Class Status.

Register Resources

When you select a class sequence, resources that are already registered for the class are shown in the lower section of the form. If you have not yet registered resources, you can do so by manually adding each resource or by initializing them via HR Training Class Registration (accessed by clicking the Register button in the upper right corner of form). All resources added for a class are automatically assigned a status of “S-Scheduled’ (which can be overridden).

Updates to Training Classes

Once a training class and its registrants have been set up, you can change/update any of the information as necessary. The status for a class and/or resource can be updated manually or via HR Training Class Status (accessed by clicking the Update button in the upper right corner of form). If you elect to use HR Training Class Status to update the status, it will update the status at the class level, as well as for all of the registered resource (with the exception of resources for which the status was manually changed).

Copy a Training Class

This option is available from the Records menu, and is used to copy a training class/sequence. Just select the training code and sequence number, and click the Copy Training Class option. The copy process will automatically copy the selected class and set it up as a new sequence for the training code. All of the information set up for the source class is copied to the second class (except the resources), and can be edited as necessary.

Show and Date Range Options

You can control which classes are shown in the grid using the Show and DateRange options. The Show option allows you to display only open classes (i.e. those that do not have a status of 'Complete') or to show all classes, regardless of status. The DateRange options allow you to filter the classes shown in the grid based on a beginning and/or ending date.