About ACA Coverage History

The ACA Coverage History tab in HR Resource Benefits is used to record coverage history for resources and their dependents.

This enables the system to accurately complete IRS "Form 1095-C - Employee-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage" to report compliance with ACA requirements. If the coverage you offer is self-insured, you must report the months of coverage for each resource and their dependents in Part III of "Form 1095-C - Employee-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage".

When you select the Active check box, if you have entered dates in the Important Date Information section of the Info tab, the system automatically creates a record on the ACA Coverage History tab. A record created this way is noted as "System Generated" in the Notes field. This system-generated note is only a visual indicator of how the record was created, and is not used in any processing. You may edit or delete it.

If you entered a Series 2 Code in the ACA section (indicating the resource's coverage status), the system also creates a record on the ACA History tab in HR Resources for the resource.

Note: Entering history data directly into the ACA Coverage History tab will not update the main Info/Grid tab.