About the HR Benefit Codes Form

Use this form to set up and define Benefit codes, which identify a type of benefit. Benefit code examples might be Life Ins, Health Ins, Disability, 401(k), and so forth.

Use the Info tab to set up general information about each benefit code, such as the description, plan name and number, vendor providing the benefit, provider’s address and phone number, eligibility restrictions, and Affordable Care Act (ACA) plan details. Use the Earnings Codes and Deduction/Liability Codes tabs to define any earnings, deductions, and/or liabilities associated with the benefit. Use the Benefit Options tab to create a list of predefined benefit code options and their corresponding descriptions (as in the case of ACA) within HR to provide values to benefit code options in HR Benefit Codes.

Assigning Earnings, ACA, and Deduction/Liability Codes to Benefits

Updating Resource Benefits System-Wide