About the HR Benefit Initialization Form

Use this form to initialize a group of benefits for an employee.

Access this form from the main menu or by selecting the Initialize Benefit Group option from the File menu of the HR Resource Benefits form.

Benefit groups are set up and maintained in the HR Benefit Group program, and allow you to quickly set up all of the benefits for which an employee is eligible. The initialization process adds a record to the resource for each benefit code defined in the group, and sets up all associated deductions, liabilities, and earnings codes defined for the benefit. The "Update PR" flag for each benefit will be set based on the setting defined for the benefit in HR Benefit Codes. However, benefit codes flagged as 'Elective' in HR Benefit Group will be initialized with the "Update PR" flag unchecked, regardless of how the flag is set for the benefit code in HR Benefit Codes.

Initializing Benefits for a Resource