About the HR Update Benefit/Salary to PR Form

Use the HR Update Benefit/Salary to PR form to prepare HR benefits and/or salary information for update to PR.

This program is the only program within HR that is processed by batch. The criteria on this form is used to determine what information will be initialized into the batch (i.e. salary and/or benefits) and for whom. Once initialized, the batch can be validated, reviewed, and posted.

Selection Criteria

When selecting the information to initialize to a batch, you must first specify whether to initialize all employees or a specified employee. If restricting by employee, you have the option to initialize using the HR resource number or the PR employee number.

Next you must specify whether to update salary information (Post Salary to PR) and/or benefits information (Post Benefits to PR). Although you do not have to select both options, you must select at least one in order to update the batch table.

If you are updating benefits information (Post Benefits to PR is checked), you have the option to restrict selection by benefit code. If using this method of selection, only those employees who have benefit information for the specified benefit code will be loaded into the batch table. Additionally, the benefit’s Update PR option must be checked in HR Resource Benefits in order for the benefit to be updated into the batch table.

The Effective Date is used to restrict what gets updated into the batch table. Salary and benefit changes must be effective on or before the specified Effective Date in order to be included in the update.

Note: In order for benefits to be included in the batch table for a resource, they must meet the following criteria:
  • The benefit code must be flagged as Active (in HR Resource Benefits) and an Effective Date specified.
  • The Ready Y/N box must be checked for one or more of the deduction, liability, and earnings codes defined for the benefit code (in HR Resource Benefits).

Update and Post the Batch

Once you have entered the criteria, click the Update button to load the batch table. The grid at the bottom of this form will display all of the eligible entries in the batch, showing the employee and resource numbers, employee's name, whether it is a benefit or salary update, the benefit code and description, and whether you are adding or changing information. You can repeat the criteria selection process as necessary.

If you are satisfied with all entries in the grid, click the Post button (at the bottom of the form). This will bring up the HR Batch Process form, and you can process the batch as normal.

Note: Resources that do not have a valid PR Employee # will be excluded from the grid, regardless of whether changes have been made to salary and/or benefits information. Employee must exist in PR and have a valid PR employee number.

Removing Entries

If after populating the grid, you determine there are employees that you do not want included in the update, you can remove those employees before Posting the batch. Just enter the employee's resource number in the 'HR Resource #' field and click the Remove button. This will remove the specified employee from the grid. You can repeat this process as many times as necessary until you are satisfied with the remaining entries. Then post the batch as normal.
Note: To remove all entries in the batch at one time, click the Cancel button. A message displays asking for confirmation that you want to clear the batch. Click Yes to clear the batch, No to cancel and leave the batch intact.