Accepting/Declining ACA Coverage Offers for a Resource

If you have offered health coverage to a resource, you can use HR Resource Benefits to accept the coverage offer.

If you have already set up a benefit record, you can just update the record with the appropriate information. If you have not set up the benefit record, you can add the benefit (manually or by initialization) and then update the record as needed.

To accept/decline a coverage offer:

  1. Open HR Resource Benefits.
  2. Select the appropriate resource / benefit record or add a new one.
  3. If the benefit is active for this resource, select the Active check box.
  4. In the Effective Date field, enter the date the benefit coverage becomes effective for this resource.
  5. In the Expiration Date field, enter the date the coverage expires for this resource.
  6. From the Series 2 Code drop-down, select the appropriate acceptance or declination code for the resource/benefit.
  7. Save the record.

    If you selected the Active check box for the resource / benefit, saving the record automatically creates an acceptance/declination record on the ACA History tab in HR Resources.