Canceling a Benefit for a Resource

You can cancel benefits for a resource if needed in HR Resource Benefits.

Canceling the benefit for a resource automatically cancels the benefit for any dependents also assigned that benefit.

Note: Canceling benefits requires having at least one frequency code that is never used in PR Pay Period Control. The recommendation is that you set up a frequency code (in HQ Frequency Codes) specifically for the purpose of canceling benefits.
  1. Open HR Resource Benefits.
  2. In the Resource # field, enter the resource for whom you are canceling the benefit or press F4 to select from a list of resources.
  3. In the Benefit Code field, enter the benefit code you wish to cancel. Press F4 and select the Benefit Codes for Reference option to choose from a list of benefit codes set up for the resource.
  4. In the Dependent Seq # field, enter 0.
  5. Click on the Deduction/Liability Codes tab.
  6. For each listed deduction and liability code:
    • In the Freq field, enter the frequency code you designated for canceled benefits or enter a frequency code that is never used in Pay Period Control.

    • Select the Update PR check box.

  7. Save the record.

    When you run the update to PR (in HR Update Benefit/Salary to PR), the deductions and liabilities will be updated to PR with the new frequency code.

    Note: Make sure that when canceling a benefit, you do not run the update until after the current payroll is processed and before processing the next payroll.