Updating Resource Benefits

To update resource benefits:

  1. Update benefit information as necessary in HR Benefit Codes.
  2. Select File > Update Resource Benefits from HR Benefits Codes. The HR Benefits Update form displays.
  3. Enter the benefit code to update in the Benefit Code field or accept the default (the current Benefits Code from HR Benefit Codes).
  4. Check the Include Inactive Resources box if you want the system to update inactive resources.
  5. Check the Only Update Matching Rates check box to update resources whose benefit rate (earnings or deduction/liability) matches the Old Rate field in HR Benefit Codes.
    Note: If you check the Include Inactive Resources box, and you do not check the Only Update Matching Rates box, the system updates all resource records with the new benefit information. When you are updating all resources and you are trying to update a code's rate to 0.00, you must have a value in the New Rate field that the system will move to the Old Rate field in HR Benefit Codes. This form will not update rate values for HR resources if both rates in the New Rate and Old Rate fields in HR Benefit Codes are 0.00.
  6. Click Update. A confirmation message displays.
  7. Click Close. The updated information is now available in HR Resource Benefits.
  8. Repeat steps 3-7 to update additional benefit codes or close the form.

    To update benefit information to PR, use the HR Update Benefit/Salary to PR form. For more information, refer to HR Update Benefit/Salary to PR in Related Topics below.


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