Updating Resource Benefits System-Wide

Benefit codes identify a type of benefit. Benefit code examples might be Life Ins, Health Ins, Disability, 401(k), and so forth. In some cases, you may need to change a benefit code and apply it to all employees in the system.

To perform a system-wide update of benefits:

  1. Open the HR Benefits Codes form.
  2. Change benefit information on the Info tab, as necessary.
  3. If changing rates, for earnings and/or deduction liabilities codes, select File > Move New Rates to Old.
    Note: When selecting this option, the system copies the value in the New Rate field to the Old Rate field for all earnings and deduction/liabilities codes associated with the benefit. If you only need to change a few rates, enter the old rate manually.
  4. Change information on the Benefit Options tab as necessary to update benefit option descriptions and ACA coverage details.
  5. Change information on the Earnings Codes and Deduction/Liability Codes tabs as necessary and uncheck the Updated YN box for each changed item.
    Note: The system does not update earnings or deduction/liability information if the Updated YN box was checked before you run the HR Benefit Update form.
  6. Select File > Update Resource Benefits.
  7. Configure the HR Benefit Update form as necessary and click Update. For more information, refer to HR Benefit Update in Related Topics below.
  8. In the confirmation message, click Close and close the HR Benefit Update form.
The HR Benefit Codes form displays. The system selects the Updated YNcheck box for all earnings and deduction/liability codes that updated to HR Resource Benefits.
  9. If you need to override the updated rates for specific employees, use the HR Resource Benefits form. For more information, refer to HR Resource Benefits in Related Topics below.
  10. To update benefit information to PR, use the HR Update Benefit/Salary to PR form. For more information, refer to HR Update Benefit/Salary to PR in Related Topics below.

    If you need to update a benefit code again, uncheck the Updated YN box for any applicable earnings and deduction/liability codes and repeat the process.