About the HR ACA Coverage Offer Init Form

Use this form to initialize ACA history information on monthly coverage offer dates for all or selected resources.

Access this form from HR Resources by selecting Tasks > Initialize HR ACA Coverage History.

The initialization process automates data entry of ACA information into the ACA History tab of the HR Resources form. Based on the criteria entered prior to initialization, the system will create coverage offer entries for all resources or for those resources in a selected look back group. Resources with a termination date (Term Date field, Payroll Info tab) will be excluded from initialization.

Once initialization is complete, you can manually edit the data in the ACA History tab or add additional entries as needed. The system uses the information on the ACA History tab to populate data required in the Payroll module for Affordable Care Act compliance.

Note: Users should be familiar with IRS definitions and requirements for ACA reporting before using Vista to enter ACA data and generate reports. For more information, visit the Internal Revenue Service website at www.irs.gov and search for "Instructions for Forms 1094-C and 1095-C". Tasks

Initializing ACA Monthly Coverage Offer Dates