About the HR ACA Look Back Group Form

Use this form to define one or more Affordable Care Act (ACA) look-back groups containing specific Standard Measurement, Administrative, and Stability periods.

A look-back group is created to define these measurement parameters. Look back groups can also be used to classify employees for ACA tracking purposes.

Then a look back group is assigned to one or more resources if the offer of ACA health care coverage is dependent on the employee's status, measured by hours worked per week or month. A look back group enables Vista to properly calculate hours worked within a look-back measurement scheme.

Look back groups are HR company specific. Once created, look back groups are assigned to a resource in HR Resources. To learn more, see About ACA Look Back Groups.

After you create look back groups and assign them to resources, you can then use the HR ACA Eligibility report to:

  • Determine if part-time employees paid on an hourly basis are exceeding the full-time-hours threshold defined by ACA standards (30 hours minimum per week).

  • Gauge how a particular employee should be classified in ACA terms going forward —either part-time or full-time—based on historical data.

  • Run queries using these look-back periods against previously posted timecard data.


Creating an ACA Look Back Group