About the HR Company Asset Check Out Form

This form is accessed by clicking the Check In/Out button in HR Company Assets, and is used to assign resources to assets and check them back in when the asset has been returned.

  • Checking Out - If the asset is 'available' (status 0), this form is used to 'check out' the asset. You specify the resource and checkout date, and enter a memo about the asset (e.g. its condition, any accessories or adapters that are included, etc.). Once you click Check Out button, the asset's status is set to 1 (Unavailable), and the information ('assigned to' resource, checkout date, and 'out' memo) are displayed in the Assigned To section of HR Company Assets, as well as on the History tab.
    Note: You can check out/check in an asset multiple times per day; however, you cannot check the asset out to the same resource more than once per day/date.
  • Checking In - If the asset has been checked out by a resource, this form is used to check the asset back in once it has been returned. You specify the check-in date and enter a memo about the asset (e.g. its condition upon check-in, whether accessories were returned, etc.). If the asset is to be reassigned, set the Make Available option to Yes (checked), then click the Check In button. This will set the asset's status to 'Available' and display the checkout information (last assigned to resource, checkout date, returned date, and 'in memo') in the Assigned To section of HR Company Assets. Information will also be updated to the History tab. If the asset will not be available for reassignment (due to repairs, maintenance, or other reasons), you can set the Make Available option to N (unchecked). This will set the status to 1 (Unavailable).
    Note: When an asset is checked out, a record is also added for the resource in HR Asset In/Out by Resource, and can be viewed on the Assigned Assets grid in HR Resources. However, once the asset is checked back in, the record is cleared, as it is no longer associated with the resource.  

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About the HR Asset In/Out by Resource Form