About the HR Company Assets Form

Use this form to set up and maintain company assets (e.g. office equipment, cell phones, pagers, laptops, vehicles, etc.).

Assets set up here can be checked out/in by resources for their use (in HR Company Asset Check Out or HR Asset In/Out by Resource), allowing you to track where each asset is going and when it is returned.

For each asset you set up, you can include basic information about the asset, such as the asset category, description, manufacturer, model year and number, and ID (Serial) number. Other information may be more specific to certain assets, such as phone numbers for mobile phones and pagers, or license information (license number, expiration date, and license state) for company vehicles. Space is also provided to indicate where the asset is stored when it is not in use, the asset's purchase date and value, and any warranty information applicable to the asset.

The Assigned to section of the form displays which resource is currently assigned to the asset, when the asset was checked out, and the 'out memo' provided during checkout. If the asset is checked in and has not yet been assigned to another resource, this section will show the last assigned resource and checkout date, when the asset was returned, and the 'in memo' provided with check-in.

The History tab is used to track each asset, that is, who it is currently assigned to, as well as all resources to which it has previously been assigned and the dates they checked out/checked in the asset. Memo fields allow for indicating additional information about the asset, such as its condition when checked out/in, any accessories or adapters that may be supplied with it, and so forth.

Set Up an Asset

Delete an Asset