About the HR Company Parameters Form

Use this program to create new HR companies or to maintain existing ones.

Because this program will affect how the HR module works, it is suggested that it be restricted so only the System Administrator or Human Resources manager has access to it. Once an HR company is set up, changes should only be made after carefully studying how they will affect HR. If you are unsure, contact Viewpoint.

  • Employment History Event -This section is used to flag different resource (employee/applicant) events to be written to the Employment History log (HREH). If the event is checked, an entry will be logged to the employment history with the specified history code (defined in HR Codes) when changes are made to the associated program.

  • FMLA Eligibility - These options control the number of “employed months” and “hours worked” required to be eligible for FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act). The requirements defined here are for the resident state; however, the system uses the Federal requirements when they are more “generous” than the state requirements. The system uses the information in these fields in conjunction with PR Leave Entry for reporting purposes (HR FMLA Tracking Report).

  • PR Update Options - This section is used to flag specific information you want updated to Payroll each time a change is made to the associated program in HR. For example, if you select the Salary option, the system updates Payroll each time a change is made to an employee’s salary in HR Salary History.

  • Audit Options - The audit options determine when new entries are created on the HQ Master Audit (HQMA) table. Click here for more information.

History Codes