About the HR Hiring Location Setup Form

Use this form when you need more than one hiring location to select from when assigning hiring locations to employees in the HR Resources form.

Access this form from the main menu or by pressing F5 from the Hiring Location field in HR Resources (Other Info tab).

If you are considered a 'multi-establishment company' (you do business at more than one physical location) for Vets-4214 reporting purposes, create one record for each hiring location.

Note: The system will only include a hiring location in the HR Federal Contractor VETS-4212 and HR Federal Contractor VETS Resources reports if there is at least one resource assigned to that location and that employee has time records during the reporting period indicated on the report launcher.

Additionally, if you assign an override DUNS Number and/or NAICS Code for a location, the system uses the override values on the VETs-4212 reports. If the DUNS Number and/or NAICS Code fields are blank, the system uses the values specified for the company in HQ Company Setup.