About the HR License Endorsements Form

Use this form to set up and maintain license endorsements, restrictions, and certificates by country and state.

You will typically only need to set up license endorsements if you have employees that require/have a CDL (Commercial Driver's License) and need to track their endorsements/restrictions.

License endorsements are set up by license code type: Restriction, Endorsement, and Certificate. For each license code type, you can set up as many license codes as necessary. License codes (endorsements/restrictions) are defined by country and state, and identify the type of 'activity' the person is licensed for. Some examples of endorsements/restrictions are:

  • Double/Triple Trailers – Allows the driver to pull sets of double or triple trailers

  • Hazardous Materials – Allows the driver to transport hazardous materials

  • Tank Vehicles – Allows the driver to transport liquids (e.g. fuel, milk, liquid gases, etc.)

  • Combination – Allows driver to transport liquids and hazardous materials.

  • Passenger – Allows the driver to drive vehicles that carry passengers

  • Intrastate Only – Restricts driver to intrastate operation only

  • Air Brakes Restriction – Restricts driver to only those vehicles not having air brakes

  • Government Vehicle Only – Restricts driver to only government vehicles

Once you have defined all of the endorsements/restrictions for each of the states applicable to your company, you can then assign the endorsement/restrictions to employees in HR Resource License Endorsements (accessed from HR Resources, Other Info tab, by clicking the Endorsements button).

Note: California DMV will allow certain employers to issue a certificate (DL-170) that may be used in lieu of taking a commercial driving test. The certificate is then submitted to the DMV when the person applies for a CDL.

Copying Endorsements/Restrictions

Resource License Endorsements