About the HR Position Codes Form

This form is used to set up codes for each of the positions available in your company.

The Info tab is used to set up basic information about the position, while remaining tabs are used to define position qualifications, training, and performance ratings.


The Info tab is used to enter information about a position. This includes the position’s job title, description, and salary range, as well as the position type (i.e. exempt, non-exempt, or union), whether the position is part-time, and whether it is eligible for bonuses. You can also specify the number of positions available, contact person, phone, and email, whether the position was advertised, and the advertisement method. Organization information allows you to indicate the reporting level (level position reports to) and report-to position, which can then be used for the construction of organizational charts.


This ‘view only’ tab shows all employees assigned to the position and whether employees are active or inactive (i.e. the Active PR Employee flag is Y or N). Employees are assigned to positions via the HR Resources form.


Use this tab to define the qualifications that are preferred and/or required for the position. You assign the skill codes (set up in HR Codes) that apply to the position, then indicate whether the skill is required to attain the position.


Use this tab to define the training/education associated with the position. Once you assign the applicable training codes, indicate whether or not the training is required. Training information entered here can be used to initialize a training plan for an employee in HR Resource Training (via HR Initialize Position Training Plan). When a training plan is initialized, all of the training codes entered here for the selected position code are automatically set up for the specified employee.

Performance Ratings

This tab is used to define performance ratings for a position; that is, all of the items that will be rated during performance evaluations. You can set up performance ratings manually or initialize them using the Initialize Performance Ratings option in the File menu. For information about initializing performance ratings, see HR Initialize Rating Groups in Related Topics below.