Enter ROE Separation Payments

(Canada only) If you manually enter employee Record of Employment (ROE) records in the PR Record of Employment form, you may need to enter records on the Separation/Special Payments tab for any separation payments you may have made to the employee.

Set up Separation Payments

You are limited in the number records that you can add for each separation payment type. These limits are as follows:

  • Vacation - Only one record is allowed

  • Statutory Holiday - Up to three records allowed

  • Other Monies - Up to three records allowed

If instead you need to enter special payments, (paid sick leave, maternity, or wage-loss insurance), see Manually Entering Special Payments.

For more information on separation payment types and how to file them, refer to the "How to Complete the Record of Employment Form" document on the Service Canada website.

To manually enter ROE separation records for any employee:

  1. Open the PR Record of Employment form.
  2. Click on the Separation/Special Payments tab.
  3. From the Other Category drop-down, select the separation payment type.
    • V-Vacation
    • SH-Statutory Holiday
    • OM-Other Monies
  4. How you proceed depends on the separation payment type you selected:
    • If you selected Vacation, use the Vacation Pay Type drop-down to select the appropriate vacation pay type.
    • If you selected Statutory Holiday, use the Statutory Holiday Payment Date field to enter the payment date. This date must occur after the employee's last paid day.
    • If you selected Other Monies, use the Other Monies Code drop-down to select the appropriate other monies code.
  5. In the Amount field, enter the separation payment amount.
Depending on the separation payment type, the information you enter is reported in either Block 17A, B, or C of the ROE report.