Enter ROE Special Payments

(Canada only) If you are manually entering employee Record of Employment records in the PR Record of Employment form, you can use the Separation/Special Payments tab to enter special payments that you made to the employee.

Set up Special Payments Earnings Codes.

Special payment types include
  • paid sick leave
  • maternity
  • wage-loss insurance (WLI)
Because a special payment is related to a specific reason for an interruption of earnings, you can only add one special payment record per employee, per ROE date (ROE Date field).

The information you enter here is reported in Block 19 of the ROE report. For more information on special payment types and how to file them, see the "How to Complete the Record of Employment Form" document on the Service Canada website.

If instead you need to enter separation payments (vacation, statutory holiday, other monies), see Enter ROE Separation Payments.

To manually enter ROE special payment records for any employee:
  1. Open the PR Record of Employment form.
  2. Click on the Separation/Special Payments tab.
  3. From the Category drop-down, select SP-Special Payments.
  4. From the Special Payment Code drop-down, select the appropriate special payment code:
    • PSL01-Paid Sick Leave
    • MAT01-Maternity
    • WLI01-Wage-Loss Indemnity (Not EI Insurable)
    • WLI02-Wage-Loss Indemnity (EI Insurable)
  5. In the Special Payment Start Date field, enter the date that you started making the payment to the employee.
  6. From the Special Payment Period drop-down, select the appropriate payment period (that is, the frequency with which you made payments to the employee):
    • D-Per Day
    • W-Per Week
  7. In the Amount field, enter the special payment amount (that is, the average amount paid to the employee on a regular, recurring basis during the special payments period).