Generate an ROE Electronic File

(Canada only) Generate an ROE electronic file that you can submit to Service Canada.

Before you can generate your Record of Employment (ROE) reports, you must firstFor information on submitting an amended report, see Generate Amended ROE Reports.
Note: If you would like to review the data before generating the e-file, you may opt to Generate an ROE Paper Report.
To generate an ROE electronic file:
  1. From the PR Record of Employment form, click Generate ROE.
    The system displays the PR Employee ROE Generate form.
  2. In the Employee field, enter the employee for which to generate an ROE electronic file or press F4 to select from a list of employees. You can also leave this field blank to generate an electronic file that includes an ROE record for all employees that meet your date criterion.
  3. In the Report/Filing Option section, select the Original radio button.
  4. In the ROE Original Date field, enter the ROE date.
    This is the date that you specified in the ROE Date field on the PR Record of Employment form. When you generate the ROE report, the system will only add records to the report that have this matching date.
  5. Click Generate E-File.
    The system displays the Save Export File As window.
  6. Save the record to a location on your network.
Submit the file using the ROE Web application on the Service Canada website.