Set Accrual and Usage Information

The following describes how to set accrual and usage information for a leave code on the PR Leave Codes form.

  1. Create either a fixed amount or rate-based leave code, using the above instructions.
  2. Select the Accrual/Usage Info tab.
  3. Enter the applicable earning code in the Earn Code field.
  4. Select either A-Accrual or U-Usage from the Type drop-down field.
    Note: You do not need to enter an accrual type for fixed amount leave codes.
  5. Select either A-Amount or H-Hours from the Basis drop-down field.
    Note: When creating leave codes, you will typically select H-Hours as the basis. You might select A-Amount if you are using this form to track accrual and usage for something other than a leave code (e.g., medical spending, dependent care, etc.)
  6. Enter a rate in the Rate field.
  7. Save the record as normal.
When running the leave process, the system multiplies the basis by the rate to determine the accrual or usage amount for the specified earnings code.