About the PR Leave Levels Form

Use this form to set up leave level codes that enable your employees to accrue leave at rates specific to the job.

If you want to be able to accrue employee leave at a rate specific to a job/contract, use this form to create a code, then assign the code you've created to an earnings code in the PR Leave Codes form (Leave Level Overrides tab).

By assigning the code to the job using either the JC Jobs or the PM Projects form, the Leave Level code then acts as a potential override at the job/project level.

When you process PR Auto Leave, the system compares the following two rates and uses the highest of the two in leave accrual calculations:
  • the rate set for the employee in the PR Employee Leave form, or if there is not one there, the PR Leave Codes form
  • the rate associated with the leave level code (as set in the PR Leave Codes form, Leave Level Overrides tab)
If the job leave rate happens to be the highest of the two, the amount of leave accrued by the employee is also based on how much they worked on the job.
Note: Job-specific Leave Level overrides affect only accruals . These accruals cannot override limits, nor do they impact frequencies or usage.