Employee Leave Tracking

The employee leave tracking forms provide you with a way to track accrued and used-time for various types of leave that an employee may take (e.g., vacation, personal leave, holidays, sick time, etc.).

Use the following forms to track employee leave:

  • PR Leave Codes

  • PR Employee Leave

  • PR Leave Entry

  • PR Leave Code Reset

  • PR Auto Leave Accrual/Usage

Note: Because you can use these forms to track accrual and usage of any amounts or hours for any earnings codes, you can create leave codes to track medical spending, dependent care, or other cafeteria plan items.

Use PR Leave Codes to create leave codes. There are two types of leave codes: fixed amount accrual and rate-based accrual. Fixed amount leave accrues a set amount of units at a fixed interval (frequency), while rate-based accruals use a calculation based on hours (or monetary amount) posted to earnings codes to determine the amount accrued or used each pay period. Each leave code can then be associated with frequency codes that allow you to control when the accrual or usage balances are updated and/or reset. For example, you may need weekly, monthly, and yearly frequency codes. See HQ Frequency Codes in Related Topics below for more information.

Once you have created a leave code, you will assign employees to it. Associated employees accrue leave based on the leave code settings. If you need to customize accrual, usage rates, and/or amounts for specific employees, you can override the leave code settings using PR Employee Leave.

You can process usage and accruals in two different ways. You can post accrual and usage manually using PR Leave Entry or you can automatically post fixed and rate-based accruals, along with usage entries, using PR Auto Leave Accrual/Usage.

Note: You can also review automatic entries in PR Leave Entry prior to processing and posting the batch.

If you are using accrual or balance limits, you will use the PR Leave Code Reset form to reset the limits. The frequency code assigned to the limit determines how often you run PR Leave Code Reset. For example, if you apply a monthly frequency code to an accrual limit, you must run PR Leave Code Reset each month.

For more information on processing leave entry, see Processing Employee Leave.