About Reusing Check Numbers

If correcting entries post to an employee and result in negative net pay, you may want to reuse the original CM Reference number and assign a new Reference Seq#.

The CM Reference Seq allows for the reuse of a check number. This field defaults to 0 for all checks and EFTs. A number can be entered in this field with manual check information, but it cannot be changed on existing computer checks or EFTs. Both update to CM and PR Payment History and both can be cleared.

The CM Reference number represents either the check number or the EFT number, which is based on the Payment Method. An existing CM Reference number can only be changed by first removing it with the Void Payment button.

  • Computer Check—The CM Reference number is assigned by the PR Check Print form and cannot be entered here.

  • Manual Check—A CM Reference number can be entered here. When a check number is assigned, the paid totals (e.g., Hours, Earnings, Dedns, and Net Pay) are set equal to the calculated totals displayed on the lower tab.

  • Direct Deposit—If paid through an EFT, the CM Reference number and EFT Seq# are assigned by the Direct Deposit Download form.