About Reviewing Deductions and Liabilities

The Deductions and Liabilities tabs display the deductions and liabilities that were calculated for this employee.

You can override the calculated amount on either tab by checking the Override box and entering the new amount in the Override Amount field. If you make any overrides on either tab, you will need to reprocess this employee by clicking Process on the Info tab.
Note: When you override a liability, the system will not distribute it across all jobs it will just put the difference on the first job.
If the employee is active for arrears, and is currently paying back the amounts owed, you can override the payback amount on the Deductions tab. To override the payback amount, click the PB Override box. Enter the new payback amount in the Payback Over Amt field and save the record. Reprocess the employee by clicking Process on the Info tab.
Note: The Calculated field does not include the payback amount and will not change if you override that amount.
Note: The PB Override box is only enabled for deductions that have been set as subject to arrears (you checked the Subject to Arrears box in PR Deductions/Liabilities, Arrears/Payback tab).
Note: Payback amounts will only display on the Deductions tab when the employee has earnings subject to that deduction. For example, if the deduction is set to process only on payment sequence #1 (the Calculate on pay sequence #1 only box is checked in PR Deductions/Liabilities), the payback amount will only display on that sequence. If bonus earnings are not included in the basis of the deduction, and only bonus earnings are posted, then the deduction will not calculate and no payback amount should default. However, you can manually add the deduction code in this case and add a payback amount if necessary.