About Reviewing Direct Deposit Information

The Direct Deposit tab displays direct deposit information for the employee.

You will only be able to access this tab if you have selected E-EFT from the Payment Method field for this employee and a CM reference number (EFT number) has not been assigned.

This tab displays the Routing Transit# , Bank Account # , Type , and Amount fields. The first four fields default from the employee record in PR Employees. The Amount field displays the amount that will be paid to the employee, and it should match the Net Pay field in the Processed Totals section of the form. You can change this information or add new bank account information here as necessary. Any changes you make here, however, will not update to PR Employees.

Note: If you try to leave the tab and the total in the Amount field(s) does not match the amount in the Net Pay field (Processed Totals section), a message displays stating that the net pay has not been properly distributed and that an EFT will not be produced for the employee/pay sequence. Although you do have the option to continue without correcting the error, you will typically want to make sure the distributions total the net pay, since a pay period cannot be closed if the sum of the direct deposit sequences does not equal the net pay.Any changes made to an Employee’s Direct Deposit Sequence entries are lost if the PR Payroll Process form is rerun for that Employee and Payment Sequence before an EFT number is assigned.

Once you have finished reviewing the payroll in this form, you can print checks or process direct deposits.