About Reviewing the Info Tab

The Info tab displays the payment method for the employee in the Payment Method field.

If the employee is not set up for direct deposit in PR Employees (the Not Used radio button is selected in the Direct Deposit section of the Direct Deposit tab), the Payment Method field defaults to C-Check , and you can specify the type of check in the Check Type field. If the employee is set up for direct deposit, the Payment Method field defaults to E-EFT. You can change the default of the Payment Method field, as necessary.

The Payment Method field also has an X-No Pay option. This option may be used to allow correcting earnings distributions from previous periods with no changes to net pay. The net pay of the check sequence must net to zero to use this option.

The Info tab also has the Payment Amount section. The fields in this section give the totals that apply to the current pay sequence for the employee, including hours, earnings, deductions, and net pay. These fields will not display a total until the employee has been paid (you either printed checks or processed direct deposits). The amounts in the Payments Amount section must match the amounts in the Processed Totals section before you can close a payroll.