About the PR Check Replacement Form

Use this form to issue replacement checks for closed pay periods.

Once you have closed a pay period, you cannot make timecard changes, alter deduction or liability amounts, or change payment information. If corrections must be made within the closed pay period, you must first reopen the pay period in PR Pay Period Control. Once reopened, you are free to make any changes required, taking special care to avoid changes that affect earnings or deduction amounts for any employee not receiving a new check. Reprocessing recalculates deduction and liability amounts using the current setup values, which may result in new totals. All differences between these calculated amounts and paid totals must be eliminated before the pay period can be re-closed. Additionally, all of the ledger updates must be rerun, even though these updates may not be desired or needed.

If you do not need to make any changes to timecard values, deduction or liability amounts, or payment information, then you can use this form to issue a replacement check and avoid reopening the pay period. The pay period must be closed and the final updates should be completed before running the replacement. Enter the payroll group, pay period ending date, employee, and pay sequence of the original payment. The employee’s payment information displays in the Payment Info section of the form. This includes the hours, earnings, deductions, and net pay, as well as the payment method, CM account, and paid date/month. Since the original payment will be voided, a memo is provided to allow for a brief explanation of the replacement check. Specify whether the check is a manual or computer-generated check, enter the number of the replacement check, indicate the check sequence number, and click the Update button.

The new check is printed (check date will be the same as the original check), old payment information voided, and the new information updated to PR and CM online (i.e. no batch to process). This process affects CM only; no GL entries are made.

Note: Check replacements cannot be made for payments with a payment method of ‘X-No Pay’ or that have been cleared or voided.