About the PR Employee Pay Sequence Control Form

Use this form to perform several functions: review processed payroll records, add or remove employee payment information (i.e., record a manual check, void a check), modify direct deposit distributions, or override deduction and liability calculations.

Although this form is typically accessed after the employee's timecard entries are made, an employee's pay sequence may be set up here first and the deductions and/or liabilities established before timecard entries are made.

This form has all the information contained on the employee's check stub. The Info tab details the payment method, check number, CM account, paid date and month, as well as payment total amounts for hours, earnings, deductions, and net pay. The Earnings Code tab displays the earnings for an employee; you cannot change this information here. The Deductions and Liabilities tabs display the deductions and liabilities for the employee, respectively. You can override the deductions and liabilities amounts on these tabs, as necessary. The Direct Deposit tab displays the direct deposit information from the employee. This tab is only accessible when the Payment Method field has been set to E-EFT. You can also change the information on this tab, if necessary.

Reviewing Processed Payrolls

Processing Manual Checks

Overriding Payment Methods

Voiding Payments

Printing Checks for Direct Deposit Employees